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    Real-time insights in your audience behavior and interest.

Insightful Reports Made Easier

CrowdStats from Sightcorp: Your opportunity to retrieve and visualise real-time statistics about your audience - People count, Viewer ratio, Gender, Age brackets, Mood, Attention.
Using simple cameras, the advanced Face Analysis Technology from Sightcorp captures the faces of an audience, collects the above mentioned data, and presents the processed results in an intuitive dashboard in the Cloud - and all that anonymously, subject to our strict privacy protection policy.


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Download and install the client software on your device at the target locations.


Use the software to measure faces, and automatically upload the data in the Cloud.


Log in into your online dashboard, to see the daily analytics and identify trends.

Comprehensive Dashboard

CrowdStats reporting dashboard offers you an in-depth overview of your audience's profile and behavior towards your content or products.
The audience data is classified into three different reporting groups so you can easily keep track of your analytics depending on your application scenario.


Measure the number of passers-by in real-time and compare it with the number of actual viewers who engaged with your brand or product. Identify the most represented age and gender groups among the viewers and people who passed by.


Understand how your customers experience your brand and products by measuring their emotional engagement and attention levels. Follow the highs and lows of engagement throughout the day and compare it with other time brackets.


Analyze how your campaigns, content or products perform in different locations so you can make more well-informed decisions. Track the affluence of people or identify which locations stimulate more viewers and high engagement levels.

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Know the total amount of people who passed in front of your screen, content or product. Compare it with the percentage of active viewers.


Know how many people have actually looked at your content and product, so you can identify what grabs their interest and what they ignore.


Recognize how your audience responds emotionally to your content and products, or spot the highs and lows of positive mood response.


Identify for how long viewers pay attention to your product and content, and adjust your budget and campaigns based on the reported information.


Identify which age and gender group your audience belongs to, and recognize response patterns that vary per demographic group.


Process video streams and see the audience measurement results instantaneously in your online dashboard.

  • Easilly install and run the CrowdStats software on your device at the target locations, and visualize the automated, moment-by-moment reports on your online dashboard. The system is flexible enough to run on most existing mini-PCs and desktops, and the data can be captured using a simple camera, IP-camera or USB camera.

  • CrowdStats is a Cloud-based solution which means that the retrieved facial data is sent to a Cloud database, and aggregated in a dashboard that is accessible from any web-enabled device. Simply login into your online account and visualize the results at any time!

  • CrowdStats does not record any videos or images of the detected faces. The facial information is retrieved and translated into algorithm numbers, which can not be bound to any individual person.

  • CrowdStats runs on the most popular desktop and mobile platforms.


CrowdStats is an intelligent reporting solution which can deliver real-time insights into spontaneous and unspoken human behaviour with regard to different stimuli. Digital Signage, Airports, Hotels, Public Presentations, Shopping Malls and Retail, are some of the various business applications where CrowdStats can bring added-value to.


CrowdStats offers actionable insights on your audience’s mood and engagement response while watching a shopping window, a product, a presentation, or for instance an advertisement displayed outdoor. You can now understand what motivates their interest, choices and behaviour.


By recognizing your audience’s linking, how they feel and what they want to see, you will be able to maximize the reach and impact of your Marketing campaigns, make more cost-effective business decisions based on their spontaneous responses, adjust promotional activities and budgets, thus, engaging your audience more effectively.


Deliver competitive, personalized experiences to your audience based on what they like, create new exciting ways of interaction with them, measure customer satisfaction through emotional-aware environments. This will not only be key to create happy and loyal customers, but it will also improve your reputation.


Face Analysis Technology

Sightcorp technologies make it possible to understand people’s interest, profiles and deep subconscious responses to stimuli in varying circumstances.
We are pioneer in real-time measurement of facial expressions, combined with age, gender, ethnicity, head gaze and precise eye tracking functionality. Clients from Sightcorp are also building their own innovative and interactive solutions, and engaging more effectively with their audiences, using our highly versatile software solutions.

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